SRL Projects

We have provided consultancy for Stramit projects since 2011. We are used to managing new factory programs and have provided resident staff for engineering, operations and management roles.

Straw Resource Limited can identify and procure all resources needed from straw to onsite installation.

Your project will need the right resources, knowledge and partners. We will find these for you and steer your project in the direction it needs to go. We will help you to avoid the pitfalls and vulnerabilities of new ventures.

Our partners and teams have many years of experience with Stramit products and carry the heritage of this established brand into a modern marketplace.


Stramentech was set up in central France in 2010. Rollo Cooper. SRL’s founder, was employed by Stramit as principal engineer to install the new 1008 machine at Neuvy Pailleux. The factory was bought by Strawtec and relocated to Rwanda.

Texas 2012

Straw Resource Limited was contracted to set up a Stramit USA in Fort Worth Texas. A used Stramit machine was shipped from England and commissioned. The start up was bought out by IGS, who now operate in the USA and in Kenya, having bought a second used machine.

Stramit USA made Stramit board using wheat straw, predominantly. Local building favoured SIPS, which allowed partial pre-fabrication in the Stramit factory.


Straw Resource Limited was commissioned to build machinery for sale in China. SRL operated the company, filling C-suite roles, in Beijing and Liaoning Province.

The company built machines using state owned enterprises. SRL supervised the manufacture of three machines in 2014 and 2015.

In 2015, the Grasshopper program was formed to modernize equipment thoroughly. The Grasshopper series has features which provide much greater flexibility, including the use of alternative crop residues to produce a wider range of product sizes. The Grasshopper concept specifically matches machines and products.

Grasshopper machines come in three nominal formats, G1, G45 and G85. Details of Grasshopper developments can be found in the Grasshopper pages as they are released.