Straw Resource Limited provides turnkey supply chain solutions for companies and investors doing business in the renewable construction and materials sector.

We are primarily a consultancy which also manages the Stramit brand and which develops new technology under the Grasshopper mark.

Stramit Board

The material is known as Stramit, Stramit Board, CSB or CAF. Companies using older machines, occasionally with their own developments, operate using their own brands.

Stramit panels consist of compressed straw, extruded between two surface layers of liner-board. The ends and sides of the panels are sealed to protect the straw core. The traditional thickness is 58mm, with 38mm, 50mm and 76mm also being used. The thicker sizes often contain service holes, which allow electrical conduit to be pushed through the core, embedding cables within a single panel. British Standard (BS 4046:1991) is met in all projects run by Stramit or Straw Resource Limited.


Building Production Facilities

SRL will find and train the right people to build a performing company and we will identify the right resources. SRL has built teams on three continents and has partners in five. We understand cultural differences and how to set them aside and focus on common achievement.

susa-teamThe Texas team of machine operators.