Welcome to the World of Straw

Why aren't all buildings made this way?

SRL turns straw into sustainable and durable homes, schools and other buildings. Wheat, rice corn, sorghum and a variety of agricultural wastes are transformed into building panels around the world. Thanks to our expert partners, straw board is used to produce economical and sustainable buildings. Bio materials can beat conventional builds in most respects, offering a “no brainer” solution to looking after our planet.
Welcome to the World of Straw

The New Generation

New Products for a New Age in Sustainable Building

Better than Ever

A new range of equipment for a new range of materials for a new range of buildings.

Straw Resource Limited

Expediting projects expertly, affordably and effectively

Best for Knowledge, Experience and Effectiveness

SRL unites the know-how with the client through a range of services. We find your partners and we nurture your plans.

Stramit Legacy

Used in 300,000 UK Homes and Internationally

Proven and Trusted Heritage

The original producers of Strawboard and manufacturing equipment since 1946.
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